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The National Council represents various social interests. Different local and functional interests meet in the National Council in an institutionalised manner.
Members of the National Council are elected for a five year term. The function of a member of the National Council is honorary.
he National Council may propose to the National Assembly the adoption of certain laws or amendment of certain legal provisions (first indent, Article 97 of the Constitution).
Elections to the National Council are regulated by a law passed by a two-thirds majority of all members of the National Assembly. 
The National Council of the Republic of Slovenia has permanent and temporary working bodies, in which representatives of Interest Groups must be suitably and equally represented.
Because the Slovene Constitution is very limited, sometimes even inadequate, in its stipulations regarding the representative body, particularly in relation to the National Council, the legislator was tasked with resolving some important issues.
The National Council has 40 members that are organised in five Interest Groups focused on specific areas. Interest Groups may form their positions regarding specific maters on the agenda of sessions of the National Council.
Decision-making of the National Council is constitutionally defined. The National Council may pass decisions if the majority of all members are present at a session.

he chamber of the National Council (the Small Hall of the Slovenian Parliament) was renovated in 2019.

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