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The Growing book

"The Growing Book is a symbol that continually encourages human growth, mutual respect, tolerance, and the good."

                                                                                                                                                         - Dr Janez Gabrijelčič
Deklica z Rastočo knjigo
Girl with the Growing Book


The symbol of the ‘Growing Book’ project, which has been running for the last fifteen years under the leadership of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, the upper chamber of the Slovenian parliament, together with the Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU), the City of Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, the National and University Library (NUK), and the Growing Book Association, is a girl whose statue rises by two centimetres a year whenever a new verse is added to the plinth.

The project’s universal excellence has been recognised by many countries that have joined the Slovenian initiatives to build inter-cultural, scientific dialogue and peaceful coexistence in the world through books. They have recognised that Growing Books is an opportunity to deepen knowledge, cultural and scientific integration and to create a world of understanding and coexistence. Visitors to Northern Park between Navje and Železna cesta can have a look at the books on touch screens.




Contact person:

M.Sc. Marjeta Tratnik Volasko

tel. no.: 01 478 9817



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